Choosing the right ND filter for photography

When choosing the right neutral density (ND) filter for your drone, your primary goal is to maintain a low shutter speed for capturing cinematic motion blur. To achieve this, you should select an ND filter that allows you to keep your ISO, shutter speed, and F-stops as low as possible.

Ideally, your shutter speed should be double your frame rate to create smooth motion blur. Since most drone F-stops are fixed, your focus will be on adjusting the ISO to find the best balance for your desired shot. If you anticipate flying in and out of shade, I would recommended to use auto ISO and set the ISO value to be as low as possible in full sunlight. This way, when you transition into the shade, your ISO will remain low, resulting in a cleaner image.

By choosing the appropriate ND filter and optimizing your camera settings, you can achieve the desired cinematic effect while maintaining a high-quality image from your drone.

Photo of a ND filter sets
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